Sunday, 6 May 2018

New Website!

Hello friends! We are delighted to announce our new website! And we would be glad to continue keeping in touch with you.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Travelling Home Album Ready for Downloads!!

Our Travelling Home album is finally up and ready for downloading at CD Baby!! Click here to access!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Looking Forward to Life-song #2018!

    Like a page from a hymn book, this year has folded over, giving way to another page, another song. 
    What did page #2017 look like to you? How was your life arranged? Was there lot's of harmony? Were there some minor chords? High notes? Low notes? Did the year seem like a refrain or a symphony? 
    Most importantly, was your song about Jesus Christ or about yourself? Was it about service to others or service to self? Was it about honoring God or honoring our own puny little souls?
    As we thumb into page #2018, our prayer for you and us is that, above all, God would use our life-song to glorify Him and fulfill His purposes, serving and blessing others, not being only and always concerned about ourselves, but also about others—our family, our sisters, our brothers, our neighbors.
    Remember, with God's help, song #2018 can be a song of praise and thanksgiving, a song that at times may have some dark parts, but that it will have a God-honoring resolution!

God's blessings to you in the New Year!
Compose your life-song carefully!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Is Singing Not Your Thing?

Very few of us seem to dislike listening to music. Even if you don't care much for it, you can't really get away from it. You step into a store, you turn on the radio, you sit at a restaurant, you drive downtown —music surrounds us. Society has learned to use the vehicle of music to convey its temporal values. Have we learned to use music as a vehicle for proclaiming eternal values?

Christian music has an important role to play. Singing is an act of praise and thanksgiving to God. Music is a vehicle for sharing God's Word with other Christians (Col. 3:16). And when we sing truth with humility and a true heart, words and music become a powerful testimony to our listeners.

I have to think of a boy from church right now. He's probably eight or nine. But often you can hear his high and smooth voice above all the rest. He sings out shamelessly, and I am blessed by it. I'm sure God has a smile for him, cause I have one too. It's wonderful to hear children praise and worship the Lord!

I understand some of you struggle with singing. Maybe you were never able to hit the notes quite right. In church, you're surrounded by people who seem to be able to sing effortlessly, and you feel a little embarrassed to sing too loudly. I feel sorry for friends who have this kind of struggle, and who perhaps, would just love to sing their hearts out, but feel they can't. 

I remember, growing up, at our little church in Argentina, there was this grey-haired lady who just loved singing. Sometimes she could be heard above everyone else, and she was always off. But, while she was continually hitting notes below or above true pitch, she did not seem to be particularly bothered by it. She just shared a message from her heart. And I know God thought it was beautiful, because it was selfless act of praise.

If you're one of these people and you're sitting beside me at church one of these days :), feel free to sing out. Remember that ultimately, your sacrifice of praise is for God, not man!

"Let us continually offer 
the sacrifice of praise to God, 
that is, the fruit of our lips, 
giving thanks to His name" 
Hebrews 13:15